Friday, August 31, 2012

Anniversary Adventure

A few months ago, I bought "Super Hubby" concert tickets for our anniversary. It was not without a few moments of hesitation on my part. S.H. is almost 10 years younger than I, so to say we have different tastes in music, would be an understatement!

Plus, it was for the band "Creed". They were very popular around 1996, when I was raising two toddlers and the not yet "Super Hubby" was in high school. (I try not to dwell on that, it's creepy) LOL. This band's music was popular at an important time in his life. I actually don't remember much of 1996, except for diapers and potty training.

We won't even get into the fact that this Pagan Chicky was going to a Christian concert. They are not blatantly in your face Christian musicians but still, a slight moment of discomfort. :-)

So, we go to the show and I had gotten great seats for us. First row, middle balcony, and if you have ever been to The King Center, in Melbourne, you know it's a great view.

We settle in and watch the opening band, "Like A Storm". They are LOUD, but really good, a cross between old punk and the newer rock music. I enjoyed them. Two songs in particular were really good, "Slave To you" and "Just Save Me". I bought the CD, in the lobby, during the set break. They were out there, signing the CD's and they seemed like great guys.

The second group, "Eve To Adam", a very Christian band, but by some strange twist of fate, has almost the same name as a San Francisco cross-dressing service, was not my kind of music. They did do a great cover of "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol. Which by the way S.H. did not know....WTH? :-)

All this time, there is no one sitting to my right. "Creed" gets on the stage and WOW! Scott Stapp sounds exactly like he does on the radio, an amazing voice! I don't know the first song but it's great. I am really enjoying myself, but then... here comes trouble.

When the young man first sat next to me, I didn't mind, in fact I thought to myself, he only missed half of the first song, not bad timing. He starts to try and get something out of his pants pocket and ends up elbowing me in the chest. It hurt. He says nothing, just continues to get whatever he was getting. I say nothing but I roll my eyes at S.H., because he knows what I am thinking....

Since becoming a police officer, I do not enjoy crowds anymore. It's mostly because I get aggravated by rude people much quicker then I used to. "Creed" finishes the song and the guy takes off his shirt, and I notice a huge tattoo on his arm that says "RUDE" ( no kidding)  and he starts twirling his shirt in the air and guess what? It hits me in the face...twice. On the third pass, I cannot help myself, I grab it! He looks at me like I am crazy, and I look right back at him. He pulls the shirt out of my hands and puts it in his lap. S.H. smiles at me and we go back to watching the show.

Two songs later, "Mr Rude" is slumped over in his seat. I lean over and try to see if he is breathing. He did not smell like he had been smoking pot or drinking, so now I am concerned about a possible drug over dose. I see his chest rise and I give S.H. a thumbs up, so he knows the guy is breathing. S.H. is also a police officer and we both know, if this guy dies, the headline of Florida Today, would be..."Man dies at concert, while sitting next to two Police Officers".

We spend the next two hours, rocking out and checking on the guy. At one point, I even reached over and took his pulse, just in case. The show ends and the guy's friends kick him awake and he stumbles out after them. Not once, did one of these so called friends check on him during the show.

We watch him get into the backseat of a car (Thank all The God's, he wasn't driving) and we head to our car. Only to find a drunk guy pissing on a tree, in front of our this time, I am over it, I pass by him and say "You should be embarrassed.... to take that pathetic thing out in public" and we leave.

It may be a while before we go to any more concerts but it certainly was not a dull evening.

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  1. LMAO... "you should be embarrassed to take that thing out in public" ;)