Thursday, August 2, 2012

All in a Days Work - A Visit and a Gift!

Last Friday at work, I was sitting in the park, typing a report, when I see a tortoise walking at full speed straight toward my patrol car. He went under my car and was hanging out.....

 I got out, took some pictures, thanked him for posing (LOL) and waited for him to go on his way...... 

Well, yesterday, I was in the same park, doing a patrol of the area, due to some small brush fires. I see a tortoise on the path that I am driving on, so I slow down, pull over and grab my camera for some pictures.

I follow him a bit, taking more pictures and the Torty stops....I wait, and wait, and wait! Finally, I go in front of him to see if he is caught on anything and I see this.

You can't tell by my picture but this is a small feather. Most Blue Jay feathers are large, at least around here. I thank the Torty and take the feather.

Later tonight, I am looking at all my pictures I have taken of tortoises in the last few weeks. I look at last Friday's and today's....I think it was the same Torty, who hung out under my car and then showed me the feather! Here are side by side pictures, what do you think?



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