Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrate the First Harvest!

I love to read. Book, newspapers, and blogs. One of my favorite blogs is The Bishop in the Grove by Teo Bishop, over at Patheos.

The blog there today was about metaphorically experiencing Lughnasad, the first harvest. How we have planted "seeds" and seen them grow or fail in the past year. Ideas and plans that have come to fruition or been dropped by the wayside for one reason or another.

But there was a mention of knowing about where our real food comes from and how we should make this a part of our harvest rituals and celebrations. Teo asks "Do you know where your food comes from?"

I can answer yes, for most of it.

Living in Florida, I can have a garden year round, so I always have fresh veggies and herbs. The stuff I can't grow, like the fruits, I get from a local farm, where I also get my eggs. That is until I wear down the Home Owner's Association, and get my own chickens.

I get my meat from the local grocery store. Oh and some from hunting friends...yes, I eat deer. Yes, they are cute. No, I don't feel bad. Nobody is perfect ;-) and venison chili is out of this world!

Today, I am making soup with my garden veggies. It also has chicken in it but it is just as good without it.

Wednesday night, I will celebrate Lughnasad, with a loaf of awesome rosemary and olive oil bread and a ritual in my garden. I will post the recipe and some pictures on Thursday or Friday.

Now that my indoor aquaponics system is finished, I will have more lettuce and herbs growing.

What started out as a tribute to my late Grand Father, has turned into a hobby or maybe even an obsession but it has also made me a better Pagan. Working in the garden, eating from the first harvest, makes me want to celebrate.

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