Tuesday, July 17, 2012

All in a days work - Contagious Kindness

The other morning on my way to work (ridiculously early, I might add!), I stopped at my 
usual drive-thru for a coffee and bagel. In front of me, was a car with a few bumper stickers that left me in doubt that a kindred spirit and fellow Pagan, was inside!

I love to see other Pagans "out in the wild" but I hate that while in uniform, I can't approach them. Mostly because, I know some pagans have a dis-like of the police or any government type body. Some for good reason. Some do because they think, it's a requirement. :-)  Also, while at work, my time is not mine and I feel like I should not be discussing religion, on the city's dime. 

I order my breakfast and pull up to pay. I am here, every work day so I have a friendly relationship with the wonderful Theresa, the lady who gives me, my much needed coffee! We always have a quick chat about whatever and she always tells me to be-careful and that she prays for my safety.

As I pull up to pay, Theresa smiles and says the person ahead of me bought my breakfast! I love being wrong... sometimes! The person ahead of me looked at me as a person not just a police officer! Lesson learned, Universe!

So, I paid for the person behind me and I went on my way with a smile.

The next day, same routine, ordered my stuff, pulled up to say hi to Theresa and she told me, it went on for 7 more cars!!!! The car I paid for, paid for the next car and so on and so on....7 times! 

I know it's a small thing, but it made me so happy and I would like to think it made everyone involved happy too! So, to the Pagan driving the red Honda four door with the awesome bumper stickers, Thank you for  breakfast and double Thank You for the smile!

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  1. Great story. I work for the state and when I’m in the state car, I feel I have to be extra careful about everything, not just Pagan related things. I take pride in being a responsible public servant.