Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fumbling Towards Forty!

Today, I turned 39 years old. I have been raising children for almost 18 years and still have 12 years to go. Because of my "Mommy" status, I don't always have time to drop whatever I am doing and do what I want to do. Sometimes, it takes making plans months in advance and juggling four other lives to find time to celebrate the things I like...

So, having said that I have decided to make my last year in my 30's something to remember. I have a list of 40 things, I will either do or see in the next 365 days! Here they are in no particular order, except for the last, which is my 40th birthday party.

If there is something on this list that you want to do, let me know, the more travelers on a journey, the more fun the adventure.There is nothing on this list earth shattering or life changing really, but it will force me to set aside time for me to focus on me. The things on this list should be easy enough to complete, if I allow myself to make ME a priority.

Thanks for all the birthday you all!

    Do a girls only trip
    Buy a pair of cowboy boots
    Go to the rodeo
    Get a tattoo
    Go see Alex's graduation in Montana
    Have a garage sale and empty the garage
    Loss 10 lbs
    Go to Sanibel Island
    Run a 5K
    Grow a coffee plant
    Take a belly dancing class
    Go rafting or tubing
    Find 50 geo-caches
    Go back to College
    Read all of Shakespeare's plays - even the sad ones.
    Make my garden pretty, not just useful
    Loss 20 lbs
    Get a Reiki attunement level 1
    Watch the AFI's top 100 movies of all time
    Make a message in a bottle
    Go to a Sci Fi or Fantasy Convention
    Go see The Molly Roger Roller Girls
    Pay off the car
    Make mosaic stepping stones for my garden
    Visit Mt Dora
    Go see Classic Albums Live
    Play Texas Hold 'Em at a real casino
    Have a family photo taken
    Visit the Dali Museum  in St. Pete
    Go to another Renaissance Faire or Highland Games
    Finally watch "A Christmas Story" (LOL)
    Go to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter
    Teach Jack to Drive
    Learn to play racquetball
    Save seeds from my garden to re-plant
    Practice at the range more
    Place a Geo-Cache
    Have foot reflexology done
    Write anything, a story, a blog, a novel...just write.
    Throw myself a Welcome to 40 Birthday party in June 2012

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