Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Footprints and a New Fence!

I went out to the garden yesterday and noticed some strange foot prints in the carrot bed. So, "Super Hubby" and I decided it's time for a real garden fence. We worked most of today and now it's up. Not pretty to look at but it should keep the critters out.

Here's the old fence!                                                                                  And the new one!

We are going to be getting some cold nights here, down to the 30's so I will be covering the garden for sure.

I was on the way to the store and I saw my neighbor had torn down his wood fence and put up a new one. I checked out the pile of wood on the curb and then stuffed it all in to my Xterra!

 I can make a bunch more raised beds with them! I am so excited! I also plan on making a raised bed with the concrete blocks from my original garden fence. I want to plant peppers inside the space and lots of basil in the holes on the sides.

Here is the garden covered last year. Not sure how I will cover it with this new fence.

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