Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What is a Pagan?

A hippie? A nature lover? A devil worshiper? A person who has a loose grip on the "real world" and likes to dress up and play witch? People have different opinions as to what a pagan is...

I have an opinion as well. I'm a Pagan!

Am I a hippie? No, but I like to wear tye dye t-shirts. Not really a pacifist either.

A nature lover? Yes, I like to hike and be anywhere outside.

A devil worshiper? Nope, sorry. I don't believe in the devil. Evil is inside everyone. I prefer to take responsibility for any evil I may do and not blame it on some cloven foot dude.

 My reality... I am a mother of three, married, own a home, have a dog, work as a police officer and a graphic designer. I attend my son's baseball and soccer games, act as a chaperone on field trips, and donate my time to worthy causes like Habitat for Humanity, my local animal shelter and food pantry.  So, I think I have a good grip on what is real. And I am really more of a jeans sort of girl. I've never worn ritual robes. 

When I turned 39 last June, I decided to make, sort of a bucket list. 40 things I would do before I turn 40. One of them was, I would write something, anything. So, I chose to write a blog about having one foot in the magic world and one in the mundane.

There is no set plan for the content. I may talk about work one day and my obsession with raising chickens when I retire, the next, who knows. One thing I will do, is photo challenges, every day in the month of March, so be prepared!

I'm a Pagan. Maybe I will start a campaign like the Mormons. Let me know if you would like to be featured on the blog's, I'm a Pagan section! :-)


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