Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Open Letter to FPG

Dear FPG,

 I have enjoyed going to the festival for a few years and being with our community. I have so many wonderful memories. I am concerned that memories will be all I have left and will not be able to attend Florida Pagan Gathering again.

By saying The Frosts are welcome to present workshops, says that we as a group agree with what they have written about incest and sexual abuse of children. I do not agree. I am a police officer and what they have written and encouraged people to do, by writing about it in detail is disgusting. I hold myself and yes sorry, my fellow humans to a higher standard.

I would like this out in the open. A real discussion, no back door conversations. No deleting comments from YOUR COMMUNITY about concerns! It looks like you don't care or worse that you want to hide this issue.

Did the BOD or anyone connected with running the festival pay for the Frosts airfare? The ticket fees and accommodations? If so, don't hide it. I only found out yesterday that they will be attending. But I now see on their website they have known they were coming for a while. Didn't the BOD say that last time they attended would be the last time?

If The Frosts will not recant and apologize for what they wrote and condoned, which is RITUAL SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN, then they have no place in our community. The community at large has worked so hard to overcome the days of Satanic Panic and the fear that all Pagans sexual abuse children! Why give anyone a platform to be an influence on others if what they condone is immoral and illegal?

you have a disappointed many loyal attendees and staff members who feel lied to and censored. You have questions to answer to YOUR COMMUNITY, the community that supports do not have a festival without this community and it's money. I am happy to pay for the wonderful memories, but not at the cost of my integrity.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Open Letter to Dr. Phil

Dear Dr. Phil,

You asked yesterday on your show "What the hell is that"? in reference to being a Wiccan Priestess. I can not answer for everyone but I can answer for myself.

I am studying to some day become a Wiccan Priestess. It takes years of work and dedicated study.

 In case you are unaware,  Wiccan and other Neopagan groups have been recognized by governments in the US and Canada and given tax exempt status. Wiccan priests and priestesses have been given access to penitentiaries in both countries, and the privilege of performing marriages.

 On March 15, 2001, the list of religious preferences in the U.S. Air Force Personnel Data System was augmented to include: Dianic Wicca, Druidism, Gardnerian Wicca, Pagan, Seax Wicca, Shamanism, and Wicca. This information was published in 2001, in an essay called "The Pagan and the Pentagon," printed by the Wiccan Pagan Times.

For further clarification, check out the following court cases that explain how Wicca is a religion. Dettmer vs. Landon, United States v. Seeger, and my favorite, United States v. Phillips. The judge in U.S. v Phillips stated   "Wicca is a socially and legally recognized religion and it will be  acknowledged as such by the U.S. Army.

Again, I can not speak for everyone who is or who will be a Wiccan Priestess, but I can and will speak out for myself and the amazing women, I know who practice Wicca. I am a Mother of three great kids, I vote, pay taxes, I am a Police Officer, who upholds the law and is honored to serve the citizens of my city. And yes, I practice my religion, one that is protected by law.

 I found your comment insulting. This was made to sensationalize an already sad and tragic story. Wicca did not kill this woman, her husband did. If the mistress of this man had been any other religion, it would never have been mentioned. And if it had, I am sure you know there would be an outcry and some backlash.

If you are still unsure about exactly what the hell Wicca is, I invite you to read about it. There are thousands of books on the subject or ask someone who practices Wicca. Most of us are very happy to help answer questions, so the stereotype version of what we are can be set aside.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Proselytizing and Propriety or Wow, they are getting Sneaky! ;-)

We, as Pagan’s sometimes get a little annoyed but mostly amused when someone comes knocking on our door asking if we have found Jesus.

I have had Jehovah's Witnesses, fundamentalist Baptists, and even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints A.K.A. Mormon’s stop by….they must feel the desperation of my apparent NEED of being saved because they keep coming back! Anyway, it is a minor bother and I am always polite, decline and ask that they do not return but that always seems to fall on deaf ears.

I was thinking of putting up a nice sign asking them to refrain from knocking on my door as I have told them in the past, I am not interested. Maybe if I put up a section of Mark 4:12, it might help? 
So that although they look, they may look but not see,and although they hear, they may hear but not understand, so they may not repent and be forgiven.” I forgive you for bothering me, AGAIN, please do not come back! 

I do realize that proselytizing is important to many religions and I do my best to stay open minded. But something happened that has me a bit put off.

On Sunday night, Ender and I were in the front yard and he saw a female classmate of his,one he likes to play with at school. Her family apparently just moved in a few doors down from us. Very cool. Ender was very excited and we took a walk over and I introduced myself to the girl’s parents and we had a nice chat. The kids played a bit and we walked back home.

During the night, Ender started getting sick and the next morning, I decided to keep him home with me. We had a quiet day and did some extra snuggling, because he puts up less fuss when he is sick. Hey, he is my last kid and he is almost 9, I will steal snuggles anyway I can. Don’t judge me! :-)

After school, there was a knock at the door. It was the girl, asking for Ender to come out and play. I told her the reason she didn't see him at school today was he was feeling ill but as soon as he was better, they could play. She asked me to tell him she hopes he feels better soon and she said, “My Mom said to give this to him at school today” and she hands me a paper. I thank her, thinking its something she made for him or an invitation to a Halloween party. We say goodbye and I close the door. I am about to give Ender the card, when I look at it.

THUD! My jaw hit the floor. It said “I am a Child of God.” “Are you?” and it was an invitation to attend their church, next week. Wow! Hmmmm. I had to sit and think about this for a minute. First, I was angry, then confused but ultimately amused. This is a new tactic…interesting.

I gave it to Ender, he read it, looked at me and said “Ug, do I have to go?” I said “of course not” and that was that. I considered going over to the house and talking with the Mom about it but the kid seems nice and Ender is looking forward to having someone in the neighborhood to play with after school. I am a bit miffed still that the Mom would try to send it covertly to school and not just ask me if he might be interested. Here is a picture, I intentionally left off the church's name and address in the picture.

So, I am sitting here now trying to figure out what I can send with Ender, to school for his new friend to bring home? An invitation to Samhain, maybe some kiddie Tarot cards, or should I just go big and give her a pentacle necklace? I would never do that, I have a sense of propriety that I fear my new neighbors lack, but still it would be awesome to see the look on their faces!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Take me out to the ball game!

My first foray in to the the 42 list was....... #9. Attend a Brevard County Manatees Baseball Game. I loaded up the kids, one of their friends, "Super Hubby", and my good pal, Jessica and off we went.

We had tickets to sit on the berm, which is behind left field. We brought chairs to sit on and the $12 ticket, also included all you can eat burgers, hot dogs, chips and ice cream. This made "Ender" very happy! During the 7th inning stretch, Manny the Manatee, takes all the kids under 12 for a run across the field. "Ender" was also very happy with that!

The weather was great, warm and breezy. The Manatees were trailing 2 to 0, in the bottom of the 7th, when Manatee 2nd baseman, Greg Hopkins #14, hit a home run! It landed on the berm and "Ender" grabbed it! He was so excited and yes very very happy! His big brother, Rabbit, took him over to the dug out and Hopkins said he would sign it for "Ender" as soon as the game was over! An error by the other team allowed the Manatees to score two more runs, in the bottom of the 9th! Manatees win!

"Ender" got the ball signed, and we went home. We had a blast and we will be doing it again sometime soon.

42 Things to do before 42!

Here is the list for the next year! As always, you are welcome to join me in any of these activities! I start tonight with the baseball game with Family and my good pal, Jessica! When I finish something on the list, this time, I will try to do a small blog post about it! But no pressure, some will get them, some won't!:-)

  1. Visit Spook Hill
  2. Go to the rodeo
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Go to Dinosaur World
  5. Have a garage sale and empty the garage
  6. Go to Sanibel Island
  7. Go on the Orange Blossom Express
  8. Run a 5K
  9. Attend a Brevard County Manatees Baseball Game
  10. Take a belly dancing class
  11. Go rafting or tubing in North Florida
  12. Attend Miami Pagan Pride Day
  13. Take the test for promotion to Detective
  14. Go to Key West again
  15. Go on a Haunted Ghost Tour
  16. Build a spiral herb garden
  17. Volunteer with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society
  18. Go see The Molly Roger Roller Girl
  19. Visit Mt Dora
  20. Go see Classic Albums Live
  21. Visit the Dali Museum  in St. Pete
  22. Teach Reiki level 1
  23. Make a fire pit in backyard
  24. Volunteer at The Women's Center
  25. Dragon Con
  26. Visit Blowing Rocks Preserve
  27. Start a Spiral Scout Group
  28. Present Workshop about Pagans to Police Academy
  29. Take Matt to St Augustine for a pirate adventure
  30. Make Officers of Avalon a 501c3
  31. Get on the bone marrow donation list
  32. Give blood 6 times
  33. Watch the Mama Sea turtles lay eggs
  34. Leave a large tip to a server and leave a thank you note
  35. Watch the baby sea turtles hatch
  36. Start a garden project with the kids from PAL and BCC Environmental club
  37. Buy a pair of cowboy boots
  38. Get a drum and learn to drum
  39. Trip to Atlanta
  40. Write two articles for magazines
  41. Make homemade dill pickles
  42. Take the F.B.I. Statement Analysis Class

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birthday Demands!

The other day in shift meeting, the subject of my birthday came up, because I am the only female and I am older than a lot of my squad.

Cops are strange, the more we like you, the more we tease you. I know some will say that is a form of bullying but it is not. I love my squad and they love me, we have to develop close relationships, it's a survival thing. We have to be willing to put ourselves in life threatening situations and trust that our squad mates have our back. It's easier when you care deeply for each other. You also can't help forming a bond with people who have been with you through apartment explosions, car accidents, almost shootings and the occasional loose pig or alligator in the neighborhood.

So, our Lieutenant told me Happy Birthday since we are off on my actual birthday. And the jokes began. They ranged from old lady jokes, and threats of practical jokes all shift, then someone asked what did I want "Super Hubby" to buy me. S.H. is an officer in the next town over so my whole squad knows him, very well, at work and off work too.

I had no answer. This prompted lots of discussion about the squad wives and things they have asked for....when one guy said "More like demanded!" We all laughed but it got me thinking....... I am not a demanding sort of person. I like to do for my friends and family, it's how I show love. I go with the flow. But shouldn't my birthday be different? Maybe I should ask for just a bit more on this special day.

I wrote out a list of Birthday Demands and gave it to S.H. and the boys. They looked confused but I told them, this way there is no pressure for a gift or trying to even figure out what to buy, in the first place. I am hard to buy for, my interests change like the wind and I am always trying something different.

My list is very simple.

1. I get to sleep in as late as I want. (I made it until 8 AM, I couldn't lay there any longer! LOL)

2. I am not responsible for my regular morning routine of chores...putting out the dog, lowering the a/c, making the coffee, getting the paper, and making breakfast. (Simple, I know but nice to not have to do them!)

3. We will go out for breakfast. I am the only one who LOVES going to breakfast, so today we will go!

4. I will be on the computer writing, playing games, looking at Facebook or watching cat videos as long as I want with little to no interruptions except in an emergency! :-) This means missing digits and/or blood. This also includes if I am reading a book, out in the garden, at my Altar, or meditating!

5. I will be doing no chores, so the dishes, laundry, cleaning the litter box, cooking and anything else that resembles work will be done by others or will wait until tomorrow!

6. My phone will be off all day so no work call ins or fires to put out with any of my groups, volunteer places etc. If it's a true emergency, people know to call S.H. to get to me.

7. I will be taking the time to bring my laptop to get fixed, which I have been putting off, to do stuff for others. I love my laptop, I want it fixed. Today is that day! :-)

8. S.H. and the boys will be ready to do whatever crazy thing I decide we should do today with little to no complaining! Yes, that may mean going to that lecture on Backyard Chickens at the library tonight! :-)

9. If I choose to watch TV or see a movie, it's my pick. I know it's hard for the guys to give up control of the remote but they will be okay, this one time.

10. Any and all of these demands are subject to modification at any time, at my whim, so buckle up guys, it's my 41st Birthday!

After I wrote out the list, I saw one of my favorite places, Florida Wildlife Hospital is having a fundraiser all week, so I will be going to get a pizza and have 20% of my bill go to them....I "demand" you do the same if you live in my area! LOL. The Birthday Girl (girl...41...not quite) has spoken!
And if your Birthday is coming up, make your "Demands List", you deserve it!!!!

41 Things Birthday Update!

I only completed 22 things this year. The completed ones are in bold and underlined. Last year I managed 25 of of 40!

Some things like the learning archery and fencing...I took a few lessons in both, I would  not say I learned them but I did try them and it was super fun!

Thanks to my friends who help get me motivated and come along for the ride! As always whatever, I did not do, this year, will get added to the 42 list. Also, I have decided if something doesn't get crossed off the list in 3 years, I will take it off, it must not be that important.

  1. Learn Archery
  2. See Buddha the turtle get released back into the wild
  3. Go to the rodeo
  4. Get a tattoo
  5. Build an aquaponics system  in the house
  6. Have a garage sale and empty the garage
  7. Lose 10 lbs
  8. Go to Sanibel Island
  9. Pagan Food Drive for "The Women’s Center”
  10. Run a 5K
  11. Grow more heirloom seeds or unusual foods
  12. Take a belly dancing class
  13. Go rafting or tubing in North Florida
  14. Go to FPG
  15.  Learn to use a sewing machine
  16. Go to Cassadaga
  17. Go on a Haunted Ghost Tour
  18. Build a spiral herb garden
  19. Get Reiki attunement level 3 
  20. Go see The Molly Roger Roller Girl
  21. Visit Mt Dora
  22. Go see Classic Albums Live
  23. Visit the Dali Museum  in St. Pete
  24. Teach Reiki level 1
  25. Make a fire pit in backyard
  26. Re-do garden Altar
  27. Fight HOA about chickens!
  28. Visit land in S.C.
  29. See an ADF Ritual
  30. Present Workshop about Pagans to Police Academy
  31. Visit Morikami Gardens
  32. Get DNA done
  33. Go to Jacksonville Pagan Pride Day
  34. Go Vegan for a month
  35. Learn Fencing
  36. Learn to make hpyertufa pots
  37. Put in application for C.O.G.
  38. Start a garden project with the kids from PAL and BCC Environmental club
  39. Buy a pair of cowboy boots
  40. Get a drum and learn to drum
  41. Volunteer