Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birthday Demands!

The other day in shift meeting, the subject of my birthday came up, because I am the only female and I am older than a lot of my squad.

Cops are strange, the more we like you, the more we tease you. I know some will say that is a form of bullying but it is not. I love my squad and they love me, we have to develop close relationships, it's a survival thing. We have to be willing to put ourselves in life threatening situations and trust that our squad mates have our back. It's easier when you care deeply for each other. You also can't help forming a bond with people who have been with you through apartment explosions, car accidents, almost shootings and the occasional loose pig or alligator in the neighborhood.

So, our Lieutenant told me Happy Birthday since we are off on my actual birthday. And the jokes began. They ranged from old lady jokes, and threats of practical jokes all shift, then someone asked what did I want "Super Hubby" to buy me. S.H. is an officer in the next town over so my whole squad knows him, very well, at work and off work too.

I had no answer. This prompted lots of discussion about the squad wives and things they have asked for....when one guy said "More like demanded!" We all laughed but it got me thinking....... I am not a demanding sort of person. I like to do for my friends and family, it's how I show love. I go with the flow. But shouldn't my birthday be different? Maybe I should ask for just a bit more on this special day.

I wrote out a list of Birthday Demands and gave it to S.H. and the boys. They looked confused but I told them, this way there is no pressure for a gift or trying to even figure out what to buy, in the first place. I am hard to buy for, my interests change like the wind and I am always trying something different.

My list is very simple.

1. I get to sleep in as late as I want. (I made it until 8 AM, I couldn't lay there any longer! LOL)

2. I am not responsible for my regular morning routine of chores...putting out the dog, lowering the a/c, making the coffee, getting the paper, and making breakfast. (Simple, I know but nice to not have to do them!)

3. We will go out for breakfast. I am the only one who LOVES going to breakfast, so today we will go!

4. I will be on the computer writing, playing games, looking at Facebook or watching cat videos as long as I want with little to no interruptions except in an emergency! :-) This means missing digits and/or blood. This also includes if I am reading a book, out in the garden, at my Altar, or meditating!

5. I will be doing no chores, so the dishes, laundry, cleaning the litter box, cooking and anything else that resembles work will be done by others or will wait until tomorrow!

6. My phone will be off all day so no work call ins or fires to put out with any of my groups, volunteer places etc. If it's a true emergency, people know to call S.H. to get to me.

7. I will be taking the time to bring my laptop to get fixed, which I have been putting off, to do stuff for others. I love my laptop, I want it fixed. Today is that day! :-)

8. S.H. and the boys will be ready to do whatever crazy thing I decide we should do today with little to no complaining! Yes, that may mean going to that lecture on Backyard Chickens at the library tonight! :-)

9. If I choose to watch TV or see a movie, it's my pick. I know it's hard for the guys to give up control of the remote but they will be okay, this one time.

10. Any and all of these demands are subject to modification at any time, at my whim, so buckle up guys, it's my 41st Birthday!

After I wrote out the list, I saw one of my favorite places, Florida Wildlife Hospital is having a fundraiser all week, so I will be going to get a pizza and have 20% of my bill go to them....I "demand" you do the same if you live in my area! LOL. The Birthday Girl (girl...41...not quite) has spoken!
And if your Birthday is coming up, make your "Demands List", you deserve it!!!!


  1. This list is so awesome!!! It fits you perfectly and I love how you are allowing your spontaneity to flow as needed! Happy birthday my wonderful friend!

  2. How awesome, as are you! Have a wonderful, wonderful Birthday!!