Monday, June 17, 2013

42 Things to do before 42!

Here is the list for the next year! As always, you are welcome to join me in any of these activities! I start tonight with the baseball game with Family and my good pal, Jessica! When I finish something on the list, this time, I will try to do a small blog post about it! But no pressure, some will get them, some won't!:-)

  1. Visit Spook Hill
  2. Go to the rodeo
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Go to Dinosaur World
  5. Have a garage sale and empty the garage
  6. Go to Sanibel Island
  7. Go on the Orange Blossom Express
  8. Run a 5K
  9. Attend a Brevard County Manatees Baseball Game
  10. Take a belly dancing class
  11. Go rafting or tubing in North Florida
  12. Attend Miami Pagan Pride Day
  13. Take the test for promotion to Detective
  14. Go to Key West again
  15. Go on a Haunted Ghost Tour
  16. Build a spiral herb garden
  17. Volunteer with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society
  18. Go see The Molly Roger Roller Girl
  19. Visit Mt Dora
  20. Go see Classic Albums Live
  21. Visit the Dali Museum  in St. Pete
  22. Teach Reiki level 1
  23. Make a fire pit in backyard
  24. Volunteer at The Women's Center
  25. Dragon Con
  26. Visit Blowing Rocks Preserve
  27. Start a Spiral Scout Group
  28. Present Workshop about Pagans to Police Academy
  29. Take Matt to St Augustine for a pirate adventure
  30. Make Officers of Avalon a 501c3
  31. Get on the bone marrow donation list
  32. Give blood 6 times
  33. Watch the Mama Sea turtles lay eggs
  34. Leave a large tip to a server and leave a thank you note
  35. Watch the baby sea turtles hatch
  36. Start a garden project with the kids from PAL and BCC Environmental club
  37. Buy a pair of cowboy boots
  38. Get a drum and learn to drum
  39. Trip to Atlanta
  40. Write two articles for magazines
  41. Make homemade dill pickles
  42. Take the F.B.I. Statement Analysis Class

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