Friday, January 25, 2013

Officers Of Avalon 2013 Board Of Directors

Amber Moon


Florida (January 25 2013 ) – Officers of Avalon ( announced today the individuals who will join the newly structured Officers of Avalon Board of Directors and unveiled a new website.

President: Timothy Flanagan, who has been an member of Officers of Avalon since it's inception and a former Vice President, has now taken on the responsibility of the President. Tim is Wiccan and a retired police officer from New Jersey.

Vice President: Amber Moon, has been a member of Officers of Avalon for two years and is a current law enforcement officer from Florida. Amber is
the group's web mistress and public relations officer as well as being a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin.

Secretary: Caroline Knowles has
experience as a secretary and account manager in real estate. Caroline follows a Celtic path and has been a member of Officers of Avalon for 2 years.
About Officers of Avalon:
On 15 December 1999 Corporal Tricia Mullensky of the University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth) Police Department created the Yahoo e-group Officers of Avalon as a "way for Pagan law enforcement and emergency personnel to talk, discuss, vent or ask questions to others of like mind."

In its infancy, Officers of Avalon was a small e-group where Pagans in the emergency services could chat.

That all changed on 12 May, 2002, when Tim Flanagan posted on the e-group about forming a non-profit group.The initial burst of enthusiasm expanded the membership.
Officers of Avalon isn't just an e-group anymore. It has become a benevolent association for Pagan professionals in the emergency services. We will offer Pagan police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, military and rescue personnel a safe place to vent, to share ideas and to disseminate information that affects us. 

The Officers of Avalon is a fraternal, educational, and charitable organization. We seek to provide a community and network for Pagan first responders and to serve as a voice for them. We seek to provide accurate information and improve public perception about Pagan spirituality through education. We seek to defend followers of Pagan spirituality by working against misinformation, discrimination, defamation, harassment and intimidation. We are an outreach to Pagans in the Emergency Services. We also seek to demonstrate that Pagans are a charitable people. To that end, we work on the collection and distribution of donations to communities in need for natural disaster relief. Join us today as an Officer of Avalon or as a Friend of Avalon.

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