Monday, December 24, 2012

41 Things Update!

With 6 months and 8 days to go, I have completed 11 out of 41 things...I had better get moving! :-) The competed ones are the ones underlined and in bold! Thanks to my friends who help get me motivated and come along for the ride!

  1. Learn Archery
  2. See Buddha the turtle get released back into the wild
  3. Go to the rodeo
  4. Get a tattoo
  5. Build an aquaponics system  in the house
  6. Have a garage sale and empty the garage
  7. Lose 10 lbs
  8. Go to Sanibel Island
  9. Pagan Food Drive for "The Women’s Center”
  10. Run a 5K
  11. Grow more heirloom seeds or unusual foods
  12. Take a belly dancing class
  13. Go rafting or tubing in North Florida
  14. Go to FPG
  15.  Learn to use a sewing machine
  16. Go to Cassadaga
  17. Go on a Haunted Ghost Tour
  18. Build a spiral herb garden
  19. Get Reiki attunement level 3 
  20. Go see The Molly Roger Roller Girl
  21. Visit Mt Dora
  22. Go see Classic Albums Live
  23. Visit the Dali Museum  in St. Pete
  24. Teach Reiki level 1
  25. Make a fire pit in backyard
  26. Re-do garden Altar
  27. Fight HOA about chickens!
  28. Visit land in S.C.
  29. See an ADF Ritual
  30. Present Workshop about Pagans to Police Academy
  31. Visit Morikami Gardens
  32. Get DNA done
  33. Go to Jacksonville Pagan Pride Day
  34. Go Vegan for a month
  35. Learn Fencing
  36. Learn to make hpyertufa pots
  37. Put in application for C.O.G.
  38. Start a garden project with the kids from PAL and BCC Environmental club
  39. Buy a pair of cowboy boots
  40. Get a drum and learn to drum
  41. Volunteer

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